Art, the Embodied Expression of Man

-25% Art, the Embodied Expression of Man
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Szerző: Anikó Németh
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Sorozatcím: Papers in English & American Studies IX.

Alcím: Making and Creating Art and Beauty in the Victorian Age

Szerző: Anikó Németh

Kiadás éve: 2004

ISBN 978 963 482 695 8

Súly: 246 g

Egyéb információk: 148 oldal, B/5, kartonált, fóliázott





Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 The Pre-Raphaelites

1.2 New Environment with New Aesthetic Demands?

1.3 Social and Intellectual Revolution, Fears and Hopes

1.4 Moral Attitudes of Classic     

1.5 Aristocracy     

1.6 Middle-class     

1.7 Working-class, Proletariat. The poor, the masses, the lower ranks     

1.8 Women   

Chapter 2 Dominant and Subdominant Cultures in Victorian Civilisation       

2.1 New Interests, New Needs and New Groups   

Chapter 3 Inheriting "Aesthetic Experience and Harmony"       

3.1 What Aesthetics, and What Art and Beauty?     

3.2 Art and Beauty: Are They "Accident or Blessedness"?     

3.3 Decorative and Useful Arts: "powers of mind" and "the powers of eye and hand"     

3.4 Popular Art     

3.5 Concepts and Qualities of Forming an Artist (Males? Females?)     

3.6 Image of Women as Artists     

3.7 Work in Woman's Art     

3.8 Work in Man's Art   

Chapter 4 Hegemony and Power in Art and by Art       

4.1 Power of a New Aesthetics with Humanism?     

4.2 And What Humanism?     

4.3 Empowered Aesthetics   

Chapter 5 Work and Labour in the Light of Aesthetics       

5.1 Blessed Work, Prefection Implied     

5.2 Happiness in Work and by Work?     

5.3 Additional Labour and Finish     

5.4 God's Work, Divine Power?     

5.5 Work of Nature, Power of Work by and in Nature     

5.6 Work to Play?     

5.7 Mechanical Toil vs. Intelligent Work     

5.8 Work Expressed in Architecture: "The manifestation of an admirable human intelligence   

Chapter 6 Ethics Through Aesthetics   

Chapter 7 Educating "Spiritual and Moral Creatures"       

7.1 Change: Quality of Change   

Chapter 8 Conclusion       

8.1 Reality: Aesthetics? Labour and Work?   



Appendix: Theories Applied: Cultural Studies

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