Iconography in Cultural Studies

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Sorozatcím: Papers in English & American Studies VII.

Alcím: Papers from the international conference: „ICONOGRAPHY EAST & WEST” Szeged 1993

Szerkesztő: Kiss Attila

Kiadás éve: 1996

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Peter M. Daly (McGill University, Montreal)

Where Are We Going in Studies of Iconography and Emblematics?

Robin Headlam Wells (University of Hull)

Microcosmos: Essentialist Anthropology in Renaissance Europe

Tibor Fabiny (Pázmány Catholic University, Piliscsaba)

Catholic Eyes and Protestant Ears. (The Conflict of Visuality and Aurality in a Hermeneutical Perspective)


Middle Ages

Ryszard Knapiński (Catholic University, Lublin)

The Iconography of the Romanesque Plock Door (Nowgorod) as Symbol of the Unuversal Character of Ecclesiastical Art

Joanne Snow-Smith (University of Washington, Seattle)

The Iconographic Tradition of Saint Anne in the Human Trinity: Medieval and Renaissance Imagery

Renaissance and Reformation

Karl-Heinz Magister (Max-Planc Society, Berlin)

ColonialMetaphors and Emblems of Inventing America in Early Modern English Literature

Attila Kiss (József Attila University, Szeged)

The Iconography of Violence in English Renaissance Tragedy: A Semiotic Approach

Balázs Dibuz (Teacher Training College, Szeged)

John Donne’s Body. Incarnation and Visualization in „Good Friday, 1613. Riding Westward”

Alan R. Young (Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia)

’Colours without number’: Some English Emblematic Flags of the Civil War Era

Ágnes Dukkon (ELTE Teacher Training College, Budapest)

Woodcuts in Old Calendars

Piotr Wilczek (University of Silesia, Katowice)

Baroque Pattern Poetry in Poland

Orthodox Iconography

Imre H. Tóth (József Attila University, Szeged)

Saint Cyrill on the Excellence of Icons

Dorota Popławska (Warsaw)

Local Tradition and Bizantine/Western Influences on Medieval Iconography of Mucical Instrument of Kiev and Novgorod

Applied Iconography

Marcell Jankovics (Pannonia Film Studios, Budapest)

The Color of the Rose – Symbolism of a Mixed Color

Enikő Molnár Basa (Library of Congress, Washington DC)

The Emblem Tradition Echoed in the State Seals of the United States

József András Fehér (Jungist Association „Tree of Life”, Budapest)

The Tree of Life According to C. G. Jung’s Theory

David Graham (Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s)

Personal Computers and Iconography: Issues and Lessons Arising from the Macintosh Emblem Project

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