The Iconology of Law and Order

-25% The Iconology of Law and Order
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Szerkesztők: Anna Kérchy – Kiss Attila – Szőnyi György Endre
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Sorozatcím: Papers in English & American Studies XXI.

Alcím: Eastern & Western Traditions of European Iconography

Szerkesztők: Anna Kérchy – Kiss Attila – Szőnyi György Endre

Kiadás éve: 2012

ISBN 978 963 315 076 4

Súly: 456 g

Egyéb információk: 278 oldal, B/5, kartonált, fóliázott, angol nyelven



Endre Hamvas

Time and eternity. Some remarks on the connection between the astral powers and magic in the hermetic literature

Kovács Imre

The Rivals: Romanos I Lekapenos and Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos. Fine Arts, Relic cult, and Liturgy in the Service of Byzantine Imperial Legitimacy

Ivan Gerát

The Trials of the Martyrs – Legal and Cosmic Aspects of Late Mediaeval Visual Topoi

Georges Martyn

Inspiring Images for Judges, Late Medieval Court Room Decorations

Péter Bokody

Justice, Love and Rape Giotto’s Allegories of Justice and Injustice in the Arena Chapel, Padua

Zenón Luis-Martínez

The Law of Genre and the Order of Discourse: Two Instances of Regicide in Tudor Historical Drama

Erzsébet Stróbl

Lunar Imagery and Royal Panegyric in John Lyly’s Plays

Dana Percec

Shakespeare and Elizabeth I: Royal Insignia of Earthly and Divine Power

Anikó Oroszlán

The Iconography of Renaissance Playing – Rules and Violators

György E. Szönyi

Order and Its Subversion in Dress-Code: Crossdressing

Ágnes Tünde Tanács

Cosmic Order on the Anatomy Table

Agnieszka Żukowska

The Ordered Performance: Animated Emblems of the Stuart Court Masque

Alessandra Tarabochia

Figures and Symbols of Law and Order in Cesare Ripa’s Iconologia

Alison Saunders

’Law of the Jungle’ or Lore of the Jungle?

Gerhard F. Strasser

Livre d’Enigmes. Legal and Cosmic Order in an Early 17th-Century Para-Emblematic Manuscript by Jacques de Fonteny

Lubomír Konečny

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon’s La Justice et la Vengeance divine poursuivant le Crime and the Emblem Tradition

Márton Szentpéteri

Temple of Encyclopaedia. A Symbol of Universal Wisdom in Johann Heindrich Alsted’s Works

István Berszán

Representation as making believable

Daniela Carpi

Iconological subversion of the law in P.D. James’s A Certain Justice

Korinna Csetényi

Images of Lawlessness in Stephen King’s The Long Walk

Dóra Szauter

On Abstraction – Iconoclasm and Iconolatry

Anna Kérchy

Disorder in the Museum, Recycling Waste and Cultural Trauma in the Chapman Brothers’ Abject Art

Szilvia Csanádi-Bogár

Illegal Art and the War of Images

Zsófia Anna Tóth

„The Defense Rests.” Picturing the Unrest of Law and Order in Chicago

Péter Kecskés

„Cosmograms” Exhibition and Presentation

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